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  • AUGUST 16, 2017
  • For those CWTS Students who are scheduled FRIDAY (10:30/1:30) Please be advised that your schedule this week is: FRIDAY (10:30-1:30) - THURSDAY (1:30-4:30) FRIDAY (1:30-4:30) - FRIDAY (7:30-10:30)

Events & Programs

BSBA-MM students from PUP-Taguig together with Dr. Nelson P. Angeles participated in the clean-up at C-6 Lower Bicutan, Taguig.


This is the Basic Life Support and First Aid Seminar. The Bachelor in Business Administration Major in Marketing Management, together with Dr. Nelson Angeles, Nurse Joyce Lim and Dr. Reynaldo Lim, M.D., participated in the program in giving basic life support and first aid in case of emergencies.

Civic Welfare Training Service Information System

The Civic Welfare Training Service Information System or C.W.T.S.I.S. is a system developed for students to view their CWTS attendance records. The system also allows the CWTS Coordinator/Student Assistants to monitor student attendance during their CWTS/NSTP hours and more.

Students can:

  • View their CWTS attendance records.
  • View their penalty records.
  • View their seminars attended.

  • This system is developed with the guidance of:

    Dr. Nelson P. Angeles

    Branch Dentist/CWTS Coordinator

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