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Simulating the Effects of Various Road Infrastructure Improvements to Vehicular Traffic in a Busy Three-road Fork
Marian Arada, Merly Tataro and Jaderick Pabico

Using Microsimulations of vehicular dynamics, we studied the effects of several proposed infrastructure developments to mean travel delay time~$Delta$ and mean speed~$Sigma$ of vehicles passing a busy three-road fork, particularly in the non-signalized roundabout junction of Lower Bicutan, Taguig Ci...(see more)

Open Academic Analytics for PUP Taguig Faculty Performance Evaluation
Gecilie C. Almiranez

       The study aims to provide the institution with open academic analytics derived from the faculty performance evaluation rating and served as a tool to enhance faculty performance. To accomplish this, the Online Faculty Evaluation System (OFES) was developed using open sourc...(see more)

Relationship of Personal, Characteristics, Leadership Styles and Job Satisfaction Adversity Quotie
Ferrer, Marissa B.

             The main purpose of the study was to determine the relationship of personal characteristics, leadership styles, and job satisfaction to the adversity quotient of the academic heads of selected state colleges and universities in the National Capital Reg...(see more)

Development of Compositions Ingots: Copper-Base and Aluminum-Base Alloy
Cabab, J.M., Aguilan, R., Caparas, J.

A compositions ingot is a rectangular or cylindrical casting which is subsequently re-melted and cast into the desired size and shape. The material, composed of determined amounts of alloying elements that conform to standard specifications, basically constitutes the whole charge with minor addition...(see more)

Predictors of The Performance Of Selected One-Stop-Shop Car Service Centers In Metro Manila; Basis F
Norbe, Mario

            The study looked into the relationship of the performance of selected one-stop-shop service centers in terms of efficiency (i.e., return in investments) and effectiveness (i.e. level of satisfaction of employees and customers) and Status of the Company (Orga...(see more)

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