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Goals and Philosophy


PUP Taguig Branch aims to achieve the following goals:

  1. Offer curricula which are relevant and responsive to the changing needs of the industry and society;
  2. Provide trainings to students that will match the need of the industry when they graduate;
  3. Apply research and scientific skills that will enable the students to cope adequately with the challenges of modern society;
  4. Demonstrate appropriate values that are necessary to build a humane, disciplined, nationalist, and independent society;
  5. Provide modern and upgraded physical facilities, equipment, and other learning facilities to optimize students' development;
  6. Partner with industry and other research and development institutions in order to strengthen and upgrade the knowledge and skills of faculty and students;
  7. Undertake outreach and extension programs while utilizing the expertise and competencies of existing human resources for the improvement of the community;
  8. Show the highest degree of commitment and professionalism in any undertaking; and
  9. Discuss measures that will enrich and develop the national cultural heritage which will make every Filipino proud of his identity.


As a state university, the Polytechnic University of the Philippines believes that:

  • Education is an instrument for the development of the citizenry and for the enhancement of nation building;
  • Meaningful growth and transformation of the country are best achieved in an atmosphere of brotherhood, peace, freedom, justice and a nationalist-oriented education imbued with the spirit of humanist internationalism.

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