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  1. A candidate for graduation should file their application for graduation with the University Registrar's Office at the start of their last semester.
  2. A student shall be recommended for graduation when they have satisfied all academic and other requirements prescribed by the University.
  3. No student shall be allowed to graduate from the University unless they have earned therein more than fifty percent (50%) of the academic units required in their curriculum.
  4. A candidate for graduation should have their deficiencies made up and their record cleared not later than two weeks before the end of their semester.
  5. No student will be issued a diploma and a transcript of records unless they have been cleared of all accountabilities.

For Graduating Students with SIS Account:
  1. Apply online using your SIS Student Access Module
  2. Click Grades; then Curriculum/Evaluation
  3. Click uppermost right button "Application for Graduation"
  4. Check if your name and other information are correctly viewed in the form before clicking "Save" button. (If there is error, don't click the "Save" button; instead please proceed to the Registrar's Office for the correction)
  5. Pay Php 150.00 at the Cashier's Office
  6. Submit the following to the Registrar's Office (original and photocopy):
    • Application for Graduation
    • Official Receipt of Payment
    • Current Registration Certificate
  7. Check the Registrar's Online Evaluation for your deficiency (TBA)
  8. Submit the printed Evaluation Result to the Registrar's Office

For NON-SIS Graduating Students, present the following to the Registrar's Office (original and photocopy):
  1. Current Registration Certificate
  2. Official Receipt of Payment Php 150.00
  3. Curriculum
  4. Fully-accomplished application form

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