PUP Taguig Policies

Policy on Management of Learning

Article 5: Section 4 and 5

Section 4. Academic Load

  1. In general, one academic unit is the equivalent of at least seventeen (17) lecture hours or the corresponding laboratory hours.
  2. No undergraduate student shall be allowed to take more than the number of units in each semester as specified in his/her curriculum except for graduating or academically outstanding students as certified by the College Dean and approved by the Vice President for Academic Affairs. A maximum of additional nine (9) units may be given to them.

Policy on Student Assessment for Multiple Intelligence

Assessment of Multiple Intelligence

The university understands and accepts the phenomenon of multiple intelligence among their students. With this, the implementation of different teaching and assessment methods and strategies are exercised in various activities within each course's curricula. There are 9 types of intelligence according to Howard Gardner's theory namely: (1) logical/mathematical, (2) visual/spatial, (3) bodily/language, (4) linguistic, (5) musical, (6) interpersonal, (7) intrapersonal, (8)naturalist, and (9)existential.