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L.A.N.I. Scholarship Program's Requirements

To all the L.A.N.I Scholars (Premier, Full, Priority, Basic + SUC/LCU, SUC/LCU, Basic), here's the list of requirements:

1. Completely filled-up Application Form with recent 2×2 pictures (2 copies).
2. Assessment or Registration Form or other proofs of enrolment.
3. Certificate of good moral character.
4. High school card (for freshmen) or any proof showing that the applicant is a graduate of high school in Taguig or nearby LGUs.
5. Photocopy of School ID (back to back)
6. Authenticated copy of grades (for renewing students, or for first-time applicants who are in upper years) in the immediately preceding semester, or for those under trimester, grades in the last 2 terms.
7. Voter’s Certification issued by COMELEC showing that the applicant (if 18 years old or above) is a registered voter of the city.
8. Voter’s Certification issued by COMELEC showing that at least one of the parents of the applicant is a registered voter of the city.
9. PDAO endorsement/certification (only for applicants of Priority Scholarship who are persons with disabilities) and PDAO ID.

For more information, please visit the official website of Taguig City:

PNP Reward Educational Assistance Program Requirements

1. Receipt of Enrolment
2. Certificate of Grades
3. Certificate of Good Moral
4. Certificate of Non Pending Case
5. Certification from an Active Parent PNP Officer
6. Performance Evaluation Report

For more information, please visit this website:

College Educational Financial Assistance Program Reqs

1. Application Form
2. 2"x2"ID Picture
3. Summary of Grades
4. School Registration Form
5. Official Receipt
6. School ID

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