Influence of Sales Promotion Tools to the Purchasing Decision of the Students of State Universities in the Taguig City

Nowadays, marketers are facing difficulty when it comes to deciding which sales promotion tool to conduct. Although it is possible to implement different sales promotion tools, the effectivity varies. Moreover, given the limited budget businesses have for promotion it is risky implementing a sales promotion tool without conducting thorough market research. It is relevant to identify which sales promotion tool is the most effective in order for the businesses to optimize their budget. Considering that university students are critical target of entrepreneurs, this study was limited to the students of state universities in Taguig City. The researchers modified the questionnaire from the study conducted by Osman et al. (2011) entitled Simulation of Sales Promotions towards Buying Behaviour among University Students. The prepared questionnaire was distributed to the representative sample students of state universities in Taguig City. The goal of this market research was to measure the influence of different sales promotion tools: Buy-OneGetOne-Free, Coupon Discount, Free Sample and Price Discount, to the purchasing decision of the respondents. The respondents of the study were the students from various state universities in Taguig City: Polytechnic University of the Philippines, Taguig City University and Technological University of the Philippines. In order to determine the sample size of the population, the researchers made use of the Slovin’s Formula.


Arias, Marian Gee

Hierro, Roxanne

Bandolin, Clarence

Rivera, Hazel Loren

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