Perceived Advantages of Online Shopping

The study determined the perceived advantages of online shopping to the consumers in the 1st District of taguig City. The study used a descriptive developmental method wherein the researchers used questionnaire as a primary research instrument. The data were interpreted using frequency count, percentage, and weighted mean. The results of the study revealed that there are residents of Taguig City who has different perceptions about online shopping in terms of 4C's. The respondents in the study are mostly female who are employed and students. The researchers concluded that the perceived advantages of online shopping varies in terms of 4C's. Based on the conclusion, the researchers recommend that there should be furthers studies about the 4C's of marketing and its connection to the demographics of consumers; to online selling sites to reach their products to people ages 41 and above for they seek more convenience that gives a lot of chances for them; future marketers should focus on encouraging the adults on online shopping. Moreover, marketers and online sellers to use 4C's of marketing in order to provide the needs of the consumer. Lastly, the researchers recommend to the future marketers and aspiring businessmen to engage onto internet marketing for convenience to both sellers and buyers.


Ador, Gabriel Angelo

Funelas Jr, Edwin

Tanyag, Mary Jane

Cabrejas, Rose Ann Jennifer

Sarno, Haydee

Year Completed

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