The Effect of “Karen Po” McDonald’s Commercial to Millennial’s Purchase Preference: A Qualitative Research

This study about “The Effect of “Karen Po” McDonald Commercial to Millennial’s Purchase Preference” is about an emotional video advertisement that concentrates on the importance of emotional link between the brand or product and the consumer that can result to product purchase. It aims to gather a more comprehensive understanding of activities related to human behavior and the attributes that rule such behavior. Through this study, a rich, detailed picture to be built up about why people act in certain ways, and their feelings about these actions will be determined. A Qualitative Descriptive Research method was used and it is not based upon numerical measurements and does not use numbers and statistical methods as key research indicators and tools. Instead, it uses words as the unit of analysis and often takes an in-depth, holistic or rounded approach to events/issues/case studies. The research was conducted to 15 key informants who are millennials and have the power to purchase products and services. They have undergone personal interviews and the types of questions asked during the process ends with “Why”. The study has shown that the advertisement - despite having a positive impact to the Millennial age group and has brought memories of a loving and caring family culture was incapable of convincing them to purchase the products of Mcdonald’s.


Balansag, Angela Mariela

Sibunga, Buena Lou

Rante, Wenna Lyn

Tayaban, Kimberly Claire

Year Completed

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