The family is the primary components of our society, and our parents are the source of behavior, which affect to our outlook in life. The home is where family lives, but when we say ? house? it is referring to a material structure, while ? home? refers to things that family member bind together. Family is none of the essential factor for the human’s whole-being, behavior are relying on the structure of the family. Unity is the so desire of every family in the society today; but the issue of broken home is on the high side in most of our societies today. There are so many factors responsible for the rate of broken homes in our society today; the major concern of this research work is to examine how this affects the behavior of children. The ongoing pressure on the children can equally affect them negatively; because these children are lacking proper parental guides from both parents. Morally and emotionally the children are affected. Another point to note here is the death of one of the parents; especially if the surviving parent is the mother; mothers are mostly know for giving care to the children; at times financial assistance as well but this is not always coming through; because mothers can actually assist to some extent financially. The children began to learn how to survive on their own; some end up meeting the wrong people; at the end of the day they might become cultist, thieves etc. all these are social vices in the community. At a point in time you can easily identify such children by the way they behave, interact and relate with others in the society. Parents have a major role to play on the behavioral pattern of children in the society, because the first education starts from home. The effort of parents in the upbringing of their children is the reflection of what people see in their children outside their various homes. Child development/ behavior can be affected by a number of things, but a big factor may be the parents. Depending on the severity of a broken home, the parent’s relationship with each other, as well as their children, can affect how their children behave and may even develop. This doesn’t mean that a parent’s divorce can make it so a child can never climb steps or hopo none foot, but it can make it harder for children to develop social skills and may even set back their achievements.



Omangay, Apolinacio



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