This study determined the relationship of teachers’ work engagement and teaching performance. This study pointed out the essentiality of educators’ level of work engagement and teaching performance to attain higher production of learning over the students. The respondents of this study is the High School Teachers of Selected Private Secondary School in Taguig City during the School Year 2017-2018. The descriptive method was used and the data were gathered through survey questionnaire which was divided into two parts. The first part measured the respondents’ level of work engagement (e.g. vigor, dedication and absorption) and the second part measured the respondents’ level of teaching performance (e.g. teaching methodology, knowledge of the subject matter, use of instructional materials, classroom management, and work values). The data were analyzed and interpreted through the use of frequency distribution, rank, mean, and pearson correlation. The study found out that there is a significant relationship between dedication and teaching methodology, dedication and knowledge of the subject matter, dedication and use of instructional materials, dedication and classroom management, dedication and work values, and absorption and use of instructional materials that shows a moderate positive correlation. Moreover, vigor and teaching methodology, vigor and classroom management, vigor and work values, and absorption and knowledge of the subject matter has a significant relationship with a weak positive correlation. From these findings, the study recommends that the school administrators should provide and conduct interventions (In-campus and off-campus) that can establish positive human relation among teachers and other stakeholders. Further, the study recommends to formulate a continuous assessment and evaluation that can identify the weakness and strengths of a teacher. The results should be taken into consideration by the school administrators when it comes to planning activities (e.g. seminars and workshops) that they are going to provide for the teachers.


Canoy, Jackelyn

Gomez, Scudd Gwenn

Resurrecion, Jara

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