Syllabus Generator System

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Create your own syllabus online or upload an accomplished syllabus data or file for your respective subject loads.

Download Syllabus

Get a copy of the syllabus file created or uploaded online by you or other professors. Downloadable files are in word document format which is ready for editing or in PDF format.

View Uploaded Syllabus

View syllabus files and data already stored in the system created or uploaded by you. You can also search/view syllabus created or uploaded by other professors.

Revise Syllabus

Edit existing syllabus made by you or by other professors and add them to your subject load files.




The Syllabus Generator System is an online application that provides the computerized version of the manual system of the syllabus records that will maintain by an Administrative staff of the PUP-Taguig Branch. This project consists of multiple users having their own account. The admin's account will be responsible for the maintenance of the whole system but it cannot delete and add a particular syllabus. The professor side has the same modules but the other feature of this is it can add a particular syllabus. The two types of users can print all the reports or a certain subject description only. Aside from the said types of users, the system will be limited to other like the students for they can only view the home page but they were not having the authority to explore the system.

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